Monday, November 23, 2015

Detective December

As I did for Marvel Comics I have decided to take a look at the other big one in DC (Detective Comics). Starting with their history up to present day and a look at some of the big and little heroes and villains and at their attempt at TV and films and some parody and things they have been influenced by things DC.

This will all be coming in December, I took a pretty big break over the November as I did at least ONE blog post a day for all of October, something I wanted to try but man it wore me out and I am sure it was more of me then most of you wanted to read. Thank you if you stayed with it. 

If you have any suggestions of who or what you would like to see me look at, let me know. I have a few ideas but it leaves several openings and I would be curious to what others would like to see.

I will be looking at Superman, Batman, the various Justice Leagues, College Humor's take on Batman, some of the early ideas and of course the villains. As well as some of the movies and TV shows as well as large crossovers and if they had any influence on things.

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